Harvest Letter From The CEO

I always make the comment that once the rains have stopped we have only completed 50% of our work.  The process of harvesting requires even more attention than the growing stage of our work.We are now reaping from the land the seed we have sown and seen grow and mature through the rains into a full crop.  We know that as farmers we will only be able to reap from where we have sown.  The harvest is ripe and ready.  Reaping is the hard work we must put in to gain the benefits of the sowing and tending we have undertaken in recent months.

We all need to take care at this time.  Ensuring we reap everything.  Ensuring we take care of the crop we harvest, accounting for each bag.  Ensuring we follow our standard operating procedures and work to produce something of quality.  A lot of what we are growing will be used to grow further crops in the future, so we must take care of it.

The results of our harvest are largely driven by the quality of the seed, the way in which we sowed the seed, the way in which we tended the crop and the amount of water and sunshine the plants received.

Did you do a good job? Are your crops looking good?  Now it the time to evaluate your performance based on what you produced.  Whether you are a mechanic, accountant, wages clerk, capitao, or farm manager.  You all contributed to the production of the crops.  Was your contribution a good one?  Take a moment to consider what you did well but also where you can improve.  We can all improve!

The saying “you will reap what you sow” comes from the bible.  It is used a few times but the message is a clear one. If you fill your life with bad stuff, the result will be bad.  If you fill your life with the Spirit of God, you will gain a life with God for ever.

As you consider yourself are you filling your life with good things.  Are you prepared to work hard, to be honest, to live the values of our company –  Innovation, Growth, Excellence and Umunthu?  Or are you going to follow a different path.  You decide.

God is looking for you to be his disciple.  To be his friend and his co-worker in his Kingdom.  What you reap will then will not just be good quality paprika, groundnuts, maize and beans, but will be something that will last forever.