Staff profiles


Tim de Borde
Tim is the CEO of Exagris AfriCA Limited and lives in Lilongwe. Originally from the UK, he first lived in Malawi in 1996 and has been a regular visitor until setting up Exagris in 2008. A chartered accountant, Tim worked in corporate finance and private equity based in London for many years. He is passionate about farming development in Malawi and the Afri business sector in general. He is on the boards of Afrinut Limited and Valid Nutrition as well as the Exagris holding company in the UK and its Russian subsidiary as well. He is married to Nicola, a medical doctor and they have 4 children. He enjoys sailing and music. He is an accomplished musician and specialised as a brass player. These days, he is more often found behind a piano or playing bass guitar.
Austin Ngwira
Non Executive (Board) Director
Austin Ngwira (BSc Agric and MPhil Agric Econ), born on 7 February 1966, is a rural and agriculture development specialist. He is currently the Director of Community Impact at the Clinton Development Initiative of the Clinton Foundation in Malawi since January 2007, implementing the anchor farm business development project, overseeing the smallholder outreach program, co-supported by the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA). He has served and continues to serve on several boards. He has travelled widely on study visits to learn modern crop and livestock farm business development including: In Africa: South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, Kenya and Rwanda. Outside Africa: USA, Turkey, Romania, UK, and Brazil.
Ralph Tseka
Non Executive (Board) Director
Ralph joined the Reserve Bank of Malawi in 1989 as an Economist. He rose through the ranks of Senior Economist, Principal Economist within various departments in the Bank which include Research and Statistics, Exchange Control and Debt Management. He was seconded to the Ministry of Finance for one year in 2005 as an Advisor to Secretary to the Treasury to champion Malawi’s path to the HIPC Completion Point which was attained in 2006. He was appointed Director, Governor’s Office in 2009 and as Director, Research and Statistics in 2012. He was appointed Director of Economic Affairs in the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development in 2014. After a two year end of tour of duty with the Ministry of Finance in 2015, he was appointed Director of Strategy and Risk Management at the Reserve Bank of Malawi a position he holds till today.

Senior Management Team

Bisani J.K. Mphongolo
General Manager – Support Services
Bisani joined the organisation on 11th January, 2016. Bisani has over 28 years’ management experience in engineering and general operations having worked with Naming’omba Tea Estates, Plastic Products Ltd, Universal Industries Ltd and Unilever South East Africa. During the last ten years, Bisani worked with Namikango Mission Inc. (US) a church NGO as Assistant Director. He holds a Diploma in Engineering, a post-graduate Diploma in Management Studies both from the University of Malawi and an MBA Degree from Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA). He is also an adjunct Faculty member of The Malawi Institute of Management and a Board member of Bible Society of Malawi.
Biko Thindwa
Export and Sales Manager
Biko Thindwa holds a Bachelor of Social Science Degree from University of Malawi. He posses more than Eighteen years of working experience at different levels and positions in the Sales and Marketing Departments of Malawi’s major producers, distributors, social marketing. He developed an in depth understanding of core competencies in Sales and Marketing , Business Development, communications and Public Relations will add value to your business Currently Biko is responsible for managing and directing all sales and marketing activities for the company
Catherine Chipeta
Logistics Manager
Catherine has 8 years’ experience in Shipping and Customs clearing. She joined Exagris Africa as Logistics Officer in 2013 after obtaining certificate in Transport and Logistics. Catherine heads the Transport department with over 30 fleet of vehicles. She is married and has two beautiful daughters, Natasha and Kgomotso.
Tobias Rukete
Operations Manager- Central Farms
Born in Zimbabwe, Tobias started his farming career in 1989 as a farm manager. Over the subsequent years, Tobias gained experience of growing a huge various of crops covering horticultural produce and crops for export. Tobias also has vast experience in the overall management that comes from farming. Tobias moved to Malawi in 2008 and joined Exagris Africa in the December of that year, changing position to Operations Manager for the Central farms in October 2010, he is currently in responsible for over 2,500 Hectares and a staff of over 103 permanent employees including farm labourers
Andre Nel
Operations Manager – Engineering
Andre has over 13 years of experience in mechanical operations, having worked as workshop manager for Limbe Leaf Tobacco Company/ Press Agriculture and Mechanical Operations Manager for Gala Tobacco prior to joining Exagris Africa in the year 2013
Gladys Muyepa
Projects Finance Adminstrator
Gladys Muyepa joined Exagris Africa in 2014. She holds Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Malawi and is currently in the final level of ACCA Certification. She has experience in managing and accounting for donor funded projects. She intends to pursue an MBA soon. Gladys enjoys local food, travelling and exercising. She is married and has two daughters.
Lansen Chikopa
Development Services Unit Coordinator
A social scientist from the University of Malawi, Lansen joined Exagris Africa on 18th December 2013 as a Development Services Unit (DSU) Coordinator. The role of the DSU is to provide a link between Exagris Africa and the general community in the country. Prior to joining Exagris Africa Lansen had worked in community development for 18 years mainly through Local and International NGOs such as Concern Universal, Mulanje Mountain Conservation Trust (MMCT) and Project HOPE Malawi among others. He also worked in the Malawi Civil Service for a short duration.
Patiwe Kamanga
Head of Finance
Patiwe is trained as Chartered Accountant . Patiwe was appointed to the position of Head of Finance in February 2016 . He has Eight years of experience , working as accountant, in finance department of Exagris Africa Limited having joined Africa Invest Limited (a farming company) in July 2007 , a company which Exagris acquired in April 2010. Prior to joining agriculture industry he worked for three years at Malawi Savings Bank as supervisor and three years at Malawi Broadcasting Corporation as Savings and Credit Manager.
Charles Chikopa
Senior Outgrower Manager
Charles joined Exagris in 2010 to head up the outgrower department, having had 14 years’ experience working closely with smallholder farmers both in Malawi and Mozambique with Cheetah Paprika Ltd. Charles has over 30 years’ experience in agriculture with the initial part of his career focused on research, covering seed multiplication, data compilation and anaylisis of national and international trials with scientists from all over the world. Charles’ role encompassed recruitment of, introduction to and training of smallholder paprika and chilli farmers.
Stewart Chipeta
Operations Manager - Lakeshore Farms
With over 17 years’ experience in the tobacco growing industry, Stewart joined Africa Invest in 2009 in the role of Regional Outgrower Manager for the Central and Southern Region. Under Exagris, he is now responsible for over 640 hectares across 4 farms. Stewart qualified in 1982 with a Diploma in Agriculture from the University of Malawi’s Bunda College of Agriculture. Stewart has also participated in various management courses including Finance for non-Financial Managers, Approaches for Effective Dispute Resolution and Management Skills training courses for Estate and Middle Managers.