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  • 2017 Harvest Edition & Land Preparation Project

    2017 Harvest Edition & Land Preparation Project

    The harvest season kicked off in earnest early in the month of May. Most of the necessary harvesting preparations were done quite in advance for most crops across all farms, picking from lessons of the previous seasons. Indeed all farms attempt to get better every year in meeting the demands …Read More »
  • Where Do Our Products Go??

    Where Do Our Products Go??

    In line with its objective of expanding the Export market Segment, Exagris Africa Ltd currently has two key export crops, African Bird Eye Chillies and Paprika. However the company is also pushing for Seed exports into neighbouring countries like Zambia and Mozambique.Read More »
  • Exagris Diversify To Stevia

    Exagris Diversify To Stevia

    Malawi is an agro based country whose 80% of income depends on Agriculture. Over the years, the Country has been relying on Tobacco only as an export crop and sugarcane being the sole source of sugar to be added to any processed or unprocessed food for sweet taste. Exagris Africa …Read More »
  • Harvest Letter From The CEO

    Harvest Letter From The CEO

    I always make the comment that once the rains have stopped we have only completed 50% of our work. The process of harvesting requires even more attention than the growing stage of our work. We are now reaping from the land the seed we have sown and seen grow and …Read More »
  • Cycle for Groundnuts

    Cycle for Groundnuts

    Exagris Africa recently distributed push bikes to its lead farmers across the country to help them as they provide extension services to their auxiliary farmers. The bikes were procured with funding from the Dutch Government through an Afri-nut project called Going Nuts.Read More »