Business & Developmental Objectives

Business & Developmental Objectives

The company has maintained dual objectives of profitability and generation of rural development objectives from its initiation.


Sharing Our Success

Sharing the replicable and sustainable models we develop with others. Each of the crops grown on the commercial estates can also be grown by smallholder farmers. The difference is in the capacity to profit from these conditions; this is the entry point for the company's DSU.


To deliver services that increase the volume turnover of small holder cash crops that we...


Ensure that the impact of our services are sustainable within the communities.


Ensure that a cordial relationship exists between Exagris and the communities.

Market Linkages

To increase market linkages to smallholder farmers from the current 15,000 to 25000 and promote further growth of high quality agricultural exports for Malawi.


The single most important developmental impact is the creation of rural employment, which provides a direct source of cash income into areas of the country where no other formal employment exists.

Integrated Services

A central element of this service provision is the improvement of the “marketability” of smallholder produce. This is achieved by improving produce quality through training and improvements in agronomy, aggregating commercial quantities at estate level, facilitating exchange of market information, arranging transport and negotiating market deals on behalf of smallholders.

An additional element is the enhancement of local food security. The types of relationship being developed with communities combine commercial agribusiness (including marketing) and professional community development capacities.

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