Exagris leaders hold strategic planning meeting

Exagris Africa Limited held a strategic planning workshop where heads of departments including farm managers with guidance from consultants Ian and Gareth Williams from Caplor Horizons (UK) met at Sol Farm in Lilongwe from the 19th – 23rd of October last year. During the workshop, the team strategized on the organizational policy, vision, mission statement and values for Exagris Africa Limited for the next 5 – 10 years.

Healthy soil + health roots= Wealthy Yields

A good soil and a healthy root system have a great value as regards to improved yields. This has been observed in most of the crops especially maize and paprika where Exagris Farms have produced yields ranging from 5,000kgs/ha to 9,000kgs/ha in Maize and more than 2,000kgs/ha in Paprika. In Malawi, a smallholder farmer can potentially produce up to 3,500kg/ha basing on the blanket recommendation on soil nutrient management. In Africa, the average commercial maize production has ranged from 4,500kgs/ha to 8,000kgs/ha over the past 10 years according to FAO (2010).

Secretary of State for Scotland, David Mundell Visits Exagris and Afrinut

“If there are two things that should be remembered in my presentation, one is that Malawi needs to produce and secondly Malawi needs trade – it needs to export,” that was Tim de Borde, CEO for Exagris Africa, a farming giant in Malawi which also co-owns Afrinut, a peanut processing company. The remarks were made on 17th February 2016 during the visit to Exagris and Afrinut by the UK Cabinet Minister and Secretary of State for Scotland, David Mundell.

Exagris to build a new warehouse and factory facility

Exagris recently signed a contract with City Builders for MK600m to build a new warehouse and factory facility on the Exagris factory complex site. The factory is for Afrinut and will provide substantial storage and processing capacity to the company. It is expected that in over the next five years, Afrinut will reach 500MT per annum of processing groundnut for export to Europe and South Africa.

Exagris MCIF project staff learn how to use Grain Pro bags

Exagris Africa Limited engaged Alex Abraham Chigoverah, a trainer from Grain Pro Zimbabwe to train MCIF project staff on how to use Grain Pro bags. The training took place on 10th Feb, 2016. MICF is a project funded by UNPD/DFID and its objective is to increase the exports of smallholder groundnuts through innovations in storage management. The project is being carried out in Mitundu-Lilongwe and Salima.